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Hot Stone Massage

     Hot stones may be added to any massage service. The warmth penetrates into the tissues to create blood flow and soften the tissues allowing deeper access to painful trigger points or adhesions. 

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)


     The technique of cupping uses suction cups placed on the skin which literally suction a portion of the tissues. The method I use is called slip stream and uses silicone cups. The cups are placed over tight and painful areas and can be lifted and slid to treat affected areas. The suction lifts the skin away from the deeper tissues, stretching the fascial layer that surrounds the muscle. This may alleviate adhesions help restore motion. 

     IASTM is an adaptation of the ancient Chinese method call Gua-Sha. Gu-Sha is said to move Chi throughout the body. Using Gua-Sha tools or similar instruments a therapist applies friction causing controlled micro-trauma to affected soft tissue. This breaks down fibrous tissues and  adhesions while stimulating an inflammatory response that causes reabsorption of unhealthy tissue and begins a cascade of healing. 


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